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…But what is the backyard ultra?

The first ever Golden Ticket Backyard Ultra is coming to you for 2020.

With the urging of Gary Cantrell, aka Lazarus Lake, aka Laz, who started the original Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra and the Barkley Marathons, Backyard Ultras are begin run worldwide.

This is one the race that gets you to Big’s!

The concept is simple. It’s a “Last Person Standing Race” and in the end, just one runner will finish the race.

At 1600 hours on Friday, 30 July, we will start a race at Louvain Guest Farm for 6.7km. The time limit for this race is one hour.

Again at 1630 hours, we will begin another race around the same 6.7km trail.

The same will be done at 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, and so on, every hour.

Runners must be standing in the starting corral when the next race starts or else they may not continue.

Runners will also not continue if they choose not to themselves.  

No late starts once the bell is rung.

Races will continue until only one runner remains, and at that point, once that person completes a loop on their own, that runner is the winner.

All other runners are a DNF.

Can you beat the current 81 loops?

That’s 543..and a bit, kilometers.

It was set by bloke called John Stocker in Suffolk!
2021 has proved to be great + if you’re the Backyard Ultra winner, you’ll be running against him at Big’s Backyard Ultra!


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