We have everything we need…we hope 🙂

Thanks for your input, ideas etc!

If there’s ANYTHING you can think of, please let us know!

Your Entry Includes

A Lekker Event With Lekker People

We’re making the event (& route) great, the experience even better & anyone that knows runners, know that everyone’s a lekker bunch.

Aid Station Stuff

Although you’re more than welcome to bring all your own nutrition, water & everything needed to run 500miles (and then 500 more) we’ll have a good aid station table available at the end of each loop.

A Probable DNF

We’re all about inspiration, so you have a 1/85 chance of winning the Golden Ticket Paid Expenses trip to Big’s Backyard Ultra in Tennessee, but a 84/85 chance of getting a DNF 😉

Accommodation is booked directly at Louvain & is on a first-come-first serve basis.

There is more than enough space for all.

There’s also camping spot as well as “glamping tents” that can be rented.



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